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John Hale – Business & Life Coach

I am a keynote speaker, peak performance specialist, business and holistic life coach. I specialise in turnarounds and transformation for individuals and organisations alike. I have degrees in Architecture, Computer Science, Education and Sport Science and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne.

I have travelled the world, exploring remote wildernesses, jungle villages and ancient cities, living with indigenous people, shamans, tantrics, gurus, olympians, soldiers, survivors of rape, psychics, drug dealers and murderers, teaching in business schools, universities, institutes of sport, schools, kindergartens and sacred sexuality events, keynote speaking at business conferences and counselling street people, as well as coaching the rich and famous. I’ve helped raise my four children to become scientists, artists, actresses and sporting champions. I am curious about our maximum potential and I enjoy empowering audiences and individuals alike.

I inspire and motivate people to accept themselves, share truthfully, try new things and expand their awareness of what is possible. I also encourage clients to cultivate stillness, listen carefully, keep learning, love deeply and not take anything or anyone too seriously, especially themselves.

Life is a paradoxical ride for me and I rarely settle for too long. The words ‘always’ and ‘never’ are missing from my vocabulary and I am suspicious of anything that is considered ‘normal’. I have found that if constantly striving to lead a normal life is hard work, then the easy path is the right one. My priority is self-realization and self-actualisation and I work with clients who are ready to go beyond their personal story.

In each moment, life offers us challenges and meeting them is important for growth, however climbing the ladder of success is problematic, if your ladder is resting against the wrong wall. I offer intuitive feedback, clarity and compassion around key business and life issues like leadership, strategy, teamwork, career, finance, relationships, parenting, communication, religion, spirituality, sexuality, health and happiness.

I can support you to balance life, work and family, be accountable and realise your dreams. I can also help you to re-ignite yourself and your partner to become untamed and spontaneous with love.

Are you, your team or tribe ready to start living and performing at your maximum potential?

Then take your next step and contact me today.

I look forward to working with you.